From Beyond

Old Gods:
Tony Wolski – Drums
Randall Kupfer – Guitars
Derek Swanson – Bass
Jeff Tuttle – Vocals

There is a face beyond
I’ve seen its power
Yeah i’m its witness
I must admit my interest
Is masochistic
It takes my wrist
It’s pulling down

I carry on
It’s from beyond
My mask
Is holding on

There is a face beyond
I’ve seen its power
My haunting mistress
My face a mess with lipstick
it’s so artistic
that painful kiss
it’s pulling down

A little mischief
it goes a long way baby
I know it’s sickening
and what’s done is done

It’s from beyond

Written and Directed by Jeff Tuttle and Steve MacLaren
Featuring Danielle Mattinson
Editing by Jeff Tuttle
Director of Photography/Camera Operator – Eric Dodson
Camera Operator – Jeff Staebler
First Assistant Director – Stephanie Bushey
First Assistant Cinematographer – Heather Kositz
Second Assistant Cinematographer – Harold Chase MacDonald
Colorist – Chuck Klatt
Gaffer – Estee Lipenholtz
Art Direction – Jeff Tuttle
All Rights Reserved. 2012 Malo Konjche Industries LLC

From Beyond was recorded and engineered by Chris Trestain
Mixed by Chris Trestain and Old Gods
Mastered by Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East
Written by Old Gods
Lyrics by Jeff Tuttle

Thanks to the Motion Picture Institute Of Michigan
and to who had a hand in this production.

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